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Farming is not like other jobs. It’s physically hard, can be unpredictable – and it comes with its own set of factors that can lead to stress. Farmers often put other things first, like looking after stock, land and equipment. But they can overlook the stress that comes with managing that.

FarmInMind is an initiative to help local Northern Ireland farmers like you to look after yourself. This website is designed to help you identify the sources and levels of stress in your daily life – and, importantly, direct you towards the help and support you need.

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The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI)

The Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) is an executive non-departmental public body sponsored by the Department for the Economy (DfE).

HSENI is the lead body responsible for the promotion and enforcement of health and safety at work standards in Northern Ireland.

Workplace Health and Leadership Group (WHLGNI)

The Workplace Health Leadership Group NI (WHLGNI) was formed in August 2016 by a group of stakeholders across industry and government to ensure that effective occupational health management is given priority in Northern Ireland workplaces.

The Group's vision is to ensure that 'Workplace Health' receives the same recognition in the working environment as 'Occupational Safety' and to encourage employers to have a 'healthy' as well as a 'safe' culture.

Our Partners

HSENI works with some fantastic partners on this project. Rural Support, The Farm Safety Partnership and the Workplace Health and Leadership Group NI all helped to bring you this site.

Each of these organisations is committed to providing the best possible support for our local farming community.

Rural Support

Rural Support provides a listening and signposting service for farmers and farming families across Northern Ireland through its free confidential support-line. They also provide various programmes and mentoring support to help with farming challenges, financial concerns, and personal issues such as bereavement and farm succession.

Support Line: 0800 138 1678  (Monday - Friday, 9AM - 9PM)

The Farm Safety Partnership (FSP)

The Farm Safety Partnership is made up of key stakeholders with an interest in farm safety. The Farm Safety Partnership aims to increase awareness of farm safety and to reduce work-related fatalities and injuries on Northern Ireland's farms. The aim of the partnership is to increase awareness of farm safety and to reduce work related fatalities and injuries on farms.

Workplace Health and Leadership Group (WHLGNI)

Utilising a partnership approach WHLGNI has a mission to raise the profile of occupational health, occupational hygiene, and wellness/health promotion and in doing so focus on the prevention of ill health at work.